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attention deficit disorder and creativity...'children',

updated thu 14 nov 02


Philip Poburka on wed 13 nov 02

and suggestions of context...

I wonder what Otto Rank, or R.D.Laing may have
surmised...about 'ADD' or related?

Or Jules Henry?

Or Alice Miller?

Or, more naively perhaps: Why should an animal consigned to
a cage, 'pace' or buisy itself so? If not withdrawn or
surrendered? Maybe it 'needs' medication? How inconvenient
of it to annoy us with it's distractions, when it's purpose
is to please our interests in it's docile captivity and
aquiescence? How ungrateful of it even...not to oblige it's
assigned station, or should it not want our help to make it
what we want, or to want what we want? will 'get'
what it is 'fed'...

For it's own good?

Or it may be driven so 'crazy', that it no longer knows
'what' it wanted, and with palsied embrace, more-or-less,
accept what is 'given'?

Or...I wonder, what we have been doing to Children since the
'thirties say, and moreso since, as we had not done before?

(An interesting little side look at Commercial
'Art' and Advertiseing as depicts Children.
Say, as from the turn of the Century, through now? See the
changes in 'how' they are depicted?
What do you see?)

And...may it not be observed...that in praqctice, people
tend to 'do' unto others what was 'done' to them?

I see that...all the time.

Many, possibly most Children, who were never allowed to be
Children...have a hard time later, once 'grown up', to see
Children as Children. Or to allow them to 'be' Children once
it is their 'turn' to impose and impute.

They tend to reward or punish, embrace or spurn, such as
they they were so taught.
The values of which, in practice are
called...'reality'...and it may be hard, may be impossible
even, whatever the vicissitudes, to betray 'reality', as it
is the framework for the events, values and meanings as it be lived.

Also a process which replicates... it seems...

'DNA Dupes'...gene-pool narcissis of the shopping malls,
head-through-the-yoke, wanting a 'uniform' product for their
troubles, and the lower the common denominator of the
'product', the more appeased their anxieties of their
Even as was done... unto them.

If not 'bred' to the task, then 'educated' to it...that they
may in turn impart the not only 'what'
they do, but in how they do everything they
'do'...they are the 'instruction' personified...whether
'creatively' or not.

Or..."Fish in a Barrel"...can't swim any too far, can they?

Which is why one puts them the first place...

Born into it, 'kept' ever are they to
know...what may be beyond it?
I should is a 'psychological' Barrel...and too, it
has it's deapths, even as a Wooden one may may be said to

At least the gesture said of the Spartans of old, to put
them into the 'Snow'...was not so protracted nor cruel as
what we became accustomed to...

As the 'West' sinks into the twillight's shadows of the
morass of it's own accidie and abdications...who is there to

The 'barbarians' whose stupidities rival with even poutier
glare of resentful pretext?

Likely, there shall be no more 'Gibbons' to write the
aeteology of it...nor any ascent, whose path shall show very
many footprints, as form which to survey the 'moral'...or to
care about it, or to even find it interesting.


Or to know, that the essence of Civilization is not to
extinguish what is ferae.
Rather, Civilization is, IF it is, the grace of such
'domitae' as the ferae may like to do, of itself.

It in us, us in it.

But one must retain a 'self' to do it. the 'difference'...and the difference the
difference make, is all the difference in the World.

That is the 'moral'...

Maybe 'meds' can make 'em 'sit-still' to learn
what our 'duty' is to teach them...maybe we have no idea
anymore what we are doing anyway, to know what the context
is, or to address of content in that context, from other
than 'in' it's content, as it's content...If we can kill the
Context in them, they may appease our 'conscience' as refute
it with us. We have the consolation we seek.

At least 'lemmings' do not drag their young over...the
apocraphal or other, of 'cliffs'...

Or Ants, as I gather are about universally dispised among
people, may be seen to be tender and patient, solicitous and
earnest...attentive, gentle and happy...with their young.

Defferential TO them...

Are we defferential TO ours?

What a curious World!

Las Vegas

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From: "J. B. Clauson"
Sent: Wednesday, November 13, 2002 11:03 AM
Subject: Attention Deficit Disorder and Creativity

Hey Willie,
I am 65 years old. When I was a kid, we didn't have ADD.
My Mother
explained me as, "Janice is a nervous child." My oldest
child (son) was
diagnosed as hyperactive in the early 60s and Ritalin was
suggested but
never used. Now we seem to have an epidemic of ADD and
Ritalin addicts. I
read the posting from D. J. Spleece and I concur
whole-heartedly. Embrace
your ADD. Without it I couldn't have had a career, raised
three children,
kept a house, showed my bulldog, attended college classes
(evenings only -
never had the opportunity for full time), etc., etc., etc.
The only good advice I had for treating the jitters came
from my great
grandmother who was the local mid-wife and herbal woman in a
rural New York
state community. This advice was intended to help a child
get through their
classroom day, which requires a lot of sitting and listening
to boring
#1. Avoid food additives and artificial coloring in
food, especially red
dyes. My mother pulled Kool-Aid and artificially colored
products. My son was extremely sensitive to the dye
(purple) used in
children's Dimetapp.
#2 Caffein. For some reason, caffeine works opposite
in people with our
condition. It has a calming effect. I, therefore, have
been drinking
coffee since I was very young. It works for me. My son
can't stand coffee,
he uses caffeinated soft drinks successfully.
Last, but not least, is the advice of my son's pediatrician.
NEVER medicate
a child unnecessarily.
The caffeine still helps in adulthood. If you think
applying glaze to test
tiles is boring, try putting numbers in boxes. I was a
program plans
analyst on several aerospace contracts and put a lot of
little numbers in
boxes over the years. You have to get into the rhythm of
it - it's a Zen
thing. Before computers, we had to do all this manually and
add them up
with a big old Underwood adding machine. I used to race the
Underwood to
see who got the right total first in order to keep from gong
All the luck in the world to you.
If the do-gooders who are overly concerned about "your
problem" get you
down, my E-mail is Drop me a line.
Jan Clauson

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Leland G. Hall on wed 13 nov 02

and suggestions of context...


I'm grinnin' here! You make my brain hurt! And I thank you for it.

Very Best Regards
Leland Hall
Before The Wheel Enterprises
La Pine, OR, USA