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underglaze/glaze antifreeze question - oops

updated wed 13 nov 02


Autumn Downey on mon 11 nov 02

Well, so much for my head as storage bin. David is right - and seemingly
propylene and polypropylene glycol are along the same line - (made from
corn), says the internet.

It also said that polypropylene glycol is a hair remover, so don't anyone
stick their heads in it!! non-toxic or not.

Autumn Downey

At 09:08 AM 2002-11-12 -0600, you wrote:
>Antifreeze is called for in under- and over-glaze recipes to make
>them flow easier and brush smoothly.
>What is actually needed is propylene glycol, and antifreeze is
>an easily available and cheap source.
>It is most important that you use "non-toxic" antifreeze.
>It will be few bucks more than the cheap stuff, but it is
>propylene glycol and it will say so on the bottle.
>Regular anti-freeze is, I believe, ethylene glycol.
>Propylene glycol is used in all kinds of food products. It looks
>like a light colored motor oil. When I worked at the ice cream factory,
>I added a whole gallon to the ice cream mix. Not really that much,
>since we made 500 gallon batches. It was still disgusting to
>think about.
>David Hendley
>Maydelle, Texas
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