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branfman's workshop

updated tue 12 nov 02


Karen Terpstra on mon 11 nov 02

Steve Branfman's workshop here in La Crosse last week was delightful! =
We learned so-o-o-o-o many new tricks! Good thing I have a neighbor =
with a big barn full of straw and hay, and the physical plant is saving =
us sawdust. The students will be rakuing every week until the end of =
the semester. they are pumped as they say. they are motivated to take an =
old electric kiln we have and convert it to another raku kiln. =20

We had three clayarters in attendance who went home with some great raku =
pots, Julene Kielman and her husband from up north and Marta Gloviczki. =
It's always good for us to have potters around who voice their opinions =
and add to the conversations. =20

I know the students loved the workshop or they wouldn't have grilled up =
Wisconsin brats boiled in beer and onion on Friday. Steve had not =
experienced the WI cheese and brats thing. What a sight. raku cans =
smoking on one end of the drive way and a charcoal grill flaming on the =
other end.

We have so much fun in our media don't we?!!!!

Happy Firings,

Karen Terpstra
La Crosse, WI

Marta Matray Gloviczki on mon 11 nov 02

thank you karen for inviting us (clayarters) for steven branfman`s
raku wksp last week, it was great and fun,
not to mention educational and so inspirational!
big thanks to steven branfman!
and, oh yeah, the wisconsin brats were delicious too-
i had a great time,
thanks again,

in rochester,minnesota