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fire ants redux...( now, submission of 'recipies'...)

updated mon 11 nov 02


Philip Poburka on sun 10 nov 02

Another 'recipe'...

Or 'the' other...

Co-operation and kindness...a little patience, interest 'in'
them, and one need 'lose' or 'win' a War
as need not occur in the first place IF...

The Ants may also be understood to do much more IN their
occupations, with and 'in' the immediate 'ecosystem' and
'with' and 'in' the Earth, than merely to annoy the odd
tresspasser or aggressor.

...even as may be said, I should hope, at least somewhat,
sometimes, now and then, a little bit? of our own

Or...errr...uhhhh...then again, maybe not...I will have to
think on that...for another ohhh, tenth of a second or
so...just to be sure...

Hmmm...(the sound of 'thought' writ )

Las Vegas

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From: "Hendrix, Taylor J."
Sent: Sunday, November 10, 2002 1:55 PM
Subject: Fire ants Redux

Sorry Janet. My post must have been a bit fuddled. I was
quite serious about moving the pile NOT setting fire to it.
As far as the water-based remedies, they should take care of
the problem so it doesn't happen next time. I doubt a
gallon of water is going to ruin two cords of wood.

Everyone, please think before you pour ANYTHING like
gasoline, kerosene, motor oil old glaze slurry etc. onto the
ground. We have to live here too. When the ants are gone
WE will have to breath the residual vapors and drink the
water contaminated with the runoff. No need to destroy our
living space because we can't take the time to solve the
problem with minimal environmental impact.

Honestly folks, fire ants aren't going to jump 10 feet and
bite you on the neck. If you are careful (and watchful),
you can relocate that wood pile or brick pile or garden hose
without gettin all bit up as my pappy used to say. Wear
gloves and knock them off if you get any hangers on. Work
swiftly then let everything be for about 30 minutes. When
they have settled back down, dose 'em with 'The Dirt
Doctor', Howard Garrett's ant drench. If you want fast and
simple like I know you do, the suggestions for boiling water
and dish washing soap were good too. Boil about a gallon of
water, drop in a few drops of degradable dish washing soap
and hit the mound as soon as possible. Get a stick or bar
to break the ground. Got to get that hot water to the
little darlings while it's still HOT. Good night, anties.

This recipe is from _Texas Organic Gardening_ by Howard
Garrett. Great book.

H. Garrett's ant drench
1 cup of Garrett Juice
(you can also buy the above in TX
ready made but follow directions
on container)
1 cup citrus oil
add water to make one gallon of drench.

Homemade Garrett Juice
1/2 cup compost tea
1 tbls seaweed
1 tbls molasses
1 tbls apple cider vinegar

Taylor in Waco, where he realizes this is all a bit late now
anyway, but...

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From: Janet Kaiser [mailto:janet@THE-COA.ORG.UK]
Sent: Saturday, November 09, 2002 6:45 PM
Subject: Re: Fire ants in the wood pile!

Poor Merrie B... spent a lot of money, time and energy
splitting X cords of
oak (a very HARD wood) and drying it ready to fire really
soon, only to be
told to set fire to the lot or douse it with water-based
mixtures!! Ye
gods, people! PLEASE read, inwardly digest and think before
individual posts... Merrie needs help for this particular
situation NOW,
not a general solution or long-term cure...

Sorry, Merrie, but I (thankfully) have no knowledge of fire
ants and their
habits, but I do know that ordinary ants (and other insects)
will avoid and
run away from paraffin, or kerosene as you call it in the
US. It evaporates
pretty quickly (within hours), so it will not be dangerous
or add an
unexpected boost to your firing as long as you spray it on
the wood WELL IN
ADVANCE. The usual warnings: stand up-wind, don't have any
naked flames,
children or pets around and keep well away for a couple of
hours after
spaying. Only use kerosene NOT gasoline (petrol) which
contains some pretty
bad "nasties" which no one but NO ONE should be exposed to,
whiff or

If the dry grits solve the problem (exploding ants!?
gruesome!) in the
short-term fine... But if you do not have time to get rid of
the critters
safely before firing, perhaps you know a beekeeper who could
lend you one
of those smoker thingies? That would maybe anaesthatise the
little buggers
long enough to handle the wood without getting bitten or

I hope you have good gauntlet gloves to which you can maybe
add an
elasticated band around the wrist over a long sleeved shirt,
so that any
surviving and probably mad-as-hell beasties cannot get at
you? Also long
pants tucked into socks and boots...?

Trusting you manage a pain-free stoke and wishing you a


Janet Kaiser

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