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cone 10 13"

updated sun 10 nov 02


Ron Collins on sat 9 nov 02

I need some cone 10 13" round shelves-my cone 6 ones often overfire on =
the bottom of my updraft propane small kiln, and I need some better ones =
.....what is the best, for the money....I don't need the best, just some =
rated to cone 10......I am only going to cone 6, but bottom gets =
higher.................and close to Santa Cruz, calif.......I need to =
know so that I can order a few and a friend coming from Santa Cruz can =
bring them at Christmas when she anyone from santa cruz, =
and see Barbara Breit on her show on TV talking about all the great =
things for senior citizens? she's the one that was a student, and is =
coming back for christmas to stay with us.........Melinda Colllins, =
Antigua, Guatemala