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^6 reduction - soda dan hill

updated sun 10 nov 02


Dan Hill on sat 9 nov 02

Hello June
I use a combination of about 4 parts soda bicarb, 2 parts soda ash and 1
part borax mixed into warm water. A total of about 1500 grams(3 lbs.) of
that mixture is spayed into the kiln with a garden sprayer. My kiln is about
30 cu. ft. in stacking space. ^6 works great Go for it!
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From: June Perry
Sent: Thursday, November 07, 2002 7:57 AM
Subject: Re: ^6 reduction - Dan Hill

> Dan,
> Are you using soda ash for your C6 soda firings, or do you mix some boron
> with the mix?
> I did a couple of C10 firings before I moved and now that I'm mostly doing
> oxidation, I'd like to stay with the C6 clay and try it in my mini
> soda/wood/diesel kiln.
> Would love some feedback on your process.
> Regards,
> June Perry
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