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staining clay with rio

updated fri 8 nov 02


RPeckham@COOKSONELECTRONICS.COM on thu 7 nov 02

I fire mostly cone 6, and use RIO often. I mix it with CMC, it helps make
it flow better. I don't ever add anything but CMC to it, as it kind of
absorbs into the clay. I believe it is also a flux at that temperature,
so I would imagine that it probably interacts with the outer layer of clay
to keep it bonded. Maybe it creates some glaze type layer? Some of the
gurus on the list may be able to elaborate.

I have never had any crawling problems. I put it on the clay pretty much
anytime from wet on the wheel to bone dry, and even bisqued. Sometimes I
carve through it, sometimes I wipe it off high spots. When I put on an
even coat, on smooth surfaces, and fire it I get a nice maroonish brown
color kind of like old dried blood, that has a nice sheen.