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marketing contemporary arts and crafts pottery

updated thu 7 nov 02


Charles Moore on wed 6 nov 02

Contemporary Arts and Crafts Pottery: A valuable market

From the late 1870's through the 1920's, there existed the Arts and =
Crafts (A&C) movement in the U.S. Following the tenets of Ruskin and =
William Morris-later in the US of Gustav Stickley-American artists and =
craftspeople developed a philosophy and an aesthetic that valued =
hand-made simple forms in furniture, pottery, and furnishings. It was a =
reaction to industrialization and overly ornate Victorian products.

There exists today a historically oriented movement made up of =
collectors, antiques dealers, and contemporary A&C makers. While =
looking through the Fall/Winter edition of "Style 1900," probably the =
best of the journals that deal with the period, I noticed that-as =
antique A&C pieces becomes rarer and pricier-more and more =
craftspeople/artists are creating ware that imitates or at least echoes =
the historical A&C period.

Focusing on pottery, I would like to give a few websites to let you see =
what some present day potters are doing. (I was amazed at some of the claims on this site, =
but not by the pots.) (not a very good web site, though =
this company is one of the most successful of the ventures)

You will notice that these potteries (except of Katrich) place primary =
emphasis upon early A&C pots produced by the Grueby company. They make =
exact duplicates and/or knock-offs of Grueby pots and are especially =
drawn to Grueby's dry green glazes.

If anyone wants to pursue this discussion as a potential market for =
Clayarters, I think we need to go off-line to avoid overly long Clayart =
postings. I would be willing to share what I know.


Charles Moore