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underglaze recipe

updated mon 4 nov 02


Elke Hartman on sun 3 nov 02

I am looking for a reliable recipe for underglaze fore cone 6 firing.

Regards Sonyan Bruce

vince pitelka on sun 3 nov 02

Sonyan Bruce wrote:
"I am looking for a reliable recipe for underglaze fore cone 6 firing."

Sonyan -
Recently when I was looking for the Mason Color Works formula for making
underglazes from Mason Stains, I asked Clayart and Harold Deeley generously
provided it. Mason has been using this formula for 50 years. The following
is measured in parts, which can be any size parts you want depending on the
total amount of underglaze you want. Obviously you would have to adjust the
quantity of the "liquid" component you make to be appropriate for the amount
of dry "parts" you are using.

Mason Underglaze formula (measured in parts)
F-4 Soda Spar 20
Kaolin 10
Ball Clay 5
Frit (3124) 10

Stain 40
Liquid 75

Liquid Components:
Anti-freeze 1000cc
Water 1000cc
CMC Liquid 500cc

To make CMC liquid, stir 30 grams dry CMC in 1 qt. hot water and let sit for
2 days to break down.

Antifreeze is ethylene-glycol and is toxic. Of course you are not going to
be drinking it, but for a non-toxic substitution, use non-toxic
proplyene-glycol antifreeze as a direct substitution. This mixture allows
you to use a brush and paint directly on greenware without your brush

Note: Stain can be a mixture of stain and opacifier if a paler shade is

Further note from Harold Deeley: "I have substituted frit 3195 for 3124 in
my own underglaze mix and it works well."

Best wishes -
- Vince

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