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updated sun 3 nov 02


Charles Moore on sat 2 nov 02

Hello, Clayarters,

The Orchard Valley Ceramic Arts Guild is working on a new survey project =
to assemble a database of guilds, studios, and art centers to share =
information regarding activities, classes and workshops that can be =
disseminated amongst participating clay organizations. Another major =
goal is to develop an e-mail distribution list that would allow all =
Workshop Coordinators to contact their counterparts and to share the =
cost of bringing out-of-state artists or artists from other countries to =
the West Coast and other western states.

Please join us in this endeavor, which we believe will benefit us all, =
by returning the following information to: Charles Moore, email: = =20
If you prefer, you can fax me at (916) 485-7758. My US mailing address =
Charles Moore, 750 Cortlandt Drive, Sacramento, CA 95864.

What is the name of your organization?
Does your clay organization bring in artists for workshops?
Name of Workshop Coordinator or other contact person:
Telephone Number:=20
E-mail address:

If none if the database information applies to your group would you =
please e-mail us a "not applicable" and we will remove you from our =
contact list.

More information on the Orchard Valley Ceramic Arts Guild can be found =
on line at

Charles Moore