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updated sat 2 nov 02


Corinne en Ben on fri 1 nov 02

Yes, I know but still I found it interesting.
I must say that here in Asia they don't safety measures very
seriously on the average.
Althought they had a special spray installation, which worked
with running water.
They sprayed their pots in a cabine The spray got captured by
the running water over the inside of the cabin.
And what if you take talc powder? You don't have to take clay
People powder themselves daily with talc powder.

Corinne Manintveld
Clayartist (in Borneo)

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From: "claybair"
Sent: Monday, October 28, 2002 10:53 PM
Subject: Re: another bottom method

> Corinne,
> Interesting method, however I would not try or
> advise it unless you want to be breathing
> in that much clay dust.
> If you follow the regular Clayart threads on
> safety in the studio this is a technique
> that should NOT be used.
> Gayle Bair
> Bainbridge Island, WA
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> From: Corinne en Ben
> Something different about bubble bottoms:
> I have seen here how a Chinese man was throwing his pots
very quickly on an
> electric wheel, which is probably different from who most
potters do.
> He had an assistant who was putting lumps of clay on his
wheel. Before they
> put the clay on the wheel, they powdered a handful of
claypowder in the
> center of the wheel. Than with a forceful movement the
assistant threw the
> lump on the wheel. The potter throwed a big pot in a very
short time, maybe
> two minutes, with a very self-confident movement.
> He secured only the brim of the bottom onto the wheel. When
he was ready
> with throwing. They quickly could take the pot off the
wheel by cutting away
> the bottom edge with a long thin metal strip or knife.
> Corinne Manintveld
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