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laguna surprise--ron roy

updated fri 1 nov 02


Kay Howard & Phil Chaban on thu 31 oct 02

Ron--you have seen all responses I received re: this subject. I have =
received no reaction from Laguna. My local supplier took back any =
unused boxes with the number 1 and traded for other boxes of hopefully =
clean #45. I haven't fired any yet that I know the batch number. I was =
not really asking Laguna to do anything--I simply wanted everyone to be =
aware that those cryptic numbers on clay boxes have meaning. An =
acknowledgement of the problem would have nice. To be honest, I did not =
follow the Laguna complaint thread so was not aware of the request to =
not complain on-list. I guess I felt that my local guy had done what was =
appropriate. I will think twice however before ordering more Laguna =
clay--which is unfortunate because I would like to support my local =
supplier as he has been very cooperative. =20
Kay in cold Grass Lake MI