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getting carried away at auctions (was: books on ebay)

updated thu 31 oct 02


Janet Kaiser on thu 31 oct 02

Whether in the flesh or in cyberspace, auctions tend to see folks being
carried away with themselves. Must be our hunter-gatherer genes at work.
Only the other day a friend mentioned seeing PC-memory for sale on Ebay and
it was at least TWICE the going price of his local store in the Australian
outback... Not usually the cheapest place on earth, due to low turnover,
etc. Just because it is the Internet, does not mean it is the best source.

Whatever it is you are looking for, please do check out other sources
including LOCAL stores before you get carried away. You will be surprised
at some of the really reasonably priced goods around, whether they are
brand new or second-hand. AND you will be supporting your local economy...
Something potters can relate to!


Janet Kaiser

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