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ceramic erotica (was: penis plate)

updated wed 30 oct 02


Janet Kaiser on tue 29 oct 02

I have no idea how my out of date reply to Colin Hatfield (from weeks ago)
suddenly appeared on Clayart, but there you go! A gobbit coughed out of
some cyber hole... Innuendo, Dai? Me...? :-)

But in answer to your question Jeremy, I remember talking to a doctor who
was working in a London hospital during WWII... He said he could have
written a book on some of the incidents.

The one which tickled my fancy (if you will excuse the expression) was the
woman who had used a ceramic ornament of Winston Churchill to pleasure
herself. Unfortunately being wartime, the quality was not particularly
great. The doctor had to pick out parts of the large Churchillian cigar
which had not just broken off the figure, but broken up...

OK it was not specifically made as a dildo, but it was wartime...


Janet Kaiser

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On 29/10/02 at 07:18 Jeremy McLeod wrote:
>Might the historically (hysterically?) minded on the list have
>insight into the antiquity of the making of ceramic dildoi?
Janet Kaiser

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