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mason stain underglaze

updated tue 29 oct 02


Valerie Hawkins on mon 28 oct 02

I have been doing some testing with this recipe as follows:

for each batch I mix:

200 gm F4
100 gm EPK
50 gm Ball Clay
100 gm FF 3134

I have then added the Mason stains in increments of 25gms to test the
mixture with a 25gm addition of stain, then another 25 gms to make total of
50, and on untill 100gms total has been added. With the darker stains,
there is little visible difference to me (at cone 6) between 50 gms of stain
and 100 gms of stain. The tests were done on white stoneware.

I haven't put these to extensive use, but it might pay to do some testing.
Depending on your usage, you may be able to get away with using less mason
stain per batch then the original recipe calls for.