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beecher kiln related legal case

updated tue 29 oct 02


John Baymore on mon 28 oct 02

I may have missed it, but has Clayart set up a fund to help with legal
in this case, or how is this being done?


Thanks for the interest in this matter.

This isn't a formal "official" CLAYART project of some sort.... I just ha=
sent the information on to CLAYART since the case could be important to
just about any potter who works out of a home studio of some sort. CLAYA=
is a wonderful medium to reach a wide swath of the US (and even
international) ceramics community FAST.

Oh.... and just for the record....... I didn't know Susan Beecher before =
heard about this matter..... and she did not ask me to "take on" this cas=
This one just "struck a nerve" for me..... and being a kiln designer /
builder and long time wood firer...... I felt that I might be able to hel=
her ....and all of us potters.. in some small way.

The addresses to write letters to and also to send any money donations to=

were included in the first posting I did on the subject. =

Here they are again:

Legal Defense donations

Attny. Marc Gerstman
313 Hamilton St.
Albany, NY 12210

Make the check out to Marc Gerstman. Indicate "Susan Beecher Legal
Defense" on the note line of the check. Probably best to include a note
with it. Send whatever you can afford....... $5....$10........????? If
only 500 people send $10..... that's 5 grand that Susan didn't have befor=

For letters of support........ send to:

Jane Bostrum; Chairwoman
Planning Board
Town of Jewett
Municipal Building
P.O. Box 132
Jewett, NY 12444

There is a LOT of important background info in the original posting that =
did....... and some websites to check out for exact "from the horse's
mouth" information. Unfortunately, my first post is LONG to wade through=

. It should be in the archives under "Kiln related legal case that
could be precedent setting (long)". =




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