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allison & ferguson workshop in january--not for the faint of art

updated mon 28 oct 02


Tony Ferguson on sun 27 oct 02

Center of the Art Universe Symposium=20

Real Art is frozen out in the rest of the world but not up north.=20

Studio A is proud to host the first ever Center of the Art Universe Art =
Heat up=20
Featuring artists Tony Allison and Tony Ferguson --AKA TNT=20

Session I.......January 3, to 10=20
Session II......January 11, to 18=20

Be sure to place this explosively exciting event on your schedule. There =
will be two weeks of intense artistic hands on creation in clay from an =
artistic rather than craft approach. There will be art discussions, =
vessel and sculptural demonstrations, demonstrations of various =
decorating techniques, surface treatments, and TNT will show big pot =
throwing techniques. You will participate in awesome soulful wood firing =
in the crisp Minnesota cold with warm camaraderie, a raku pot roast, =
cone 10 gas reduction firings, and lots of hearty beverages and not to =
be missed excitement. =20

Bring your sleeping bag and your toothbrush and stay onsite at the =
studio (not for the timid--its ruff) Camp out on the studio grounds in =
your RV, or make local reservations: 40 Club Inn, Aitkin MN, =
218-927-2903. Ripple River Motel, Aitkin, MN, 1-800-258-3734. Bikini =
wear when the kiln is blazing might work but warm togs are a little more =
preferable :) Tuition per week is $450. This includes all materials, and =
firings, and a warm sleeping space. A package for all meals is $160 per =
session. Enrollment is limited to 25 people per week. You may elect to =
participate for one or two 8 day sessions. We expect spaces for this =
rare opportunity will fill fast so call now and reserve your spot! This =
event will be videotaped, and available to schools, libraries and =
individuals around the world. Be a movie star, and win the coveted TNT =
award for artistic excellence.=20

Studio A (Tony & Erika Allison) =20

Email: or


Phone: 218-845-2088


Tony Ferguson=20





See you there!!!=20

Thank you.


Tony Ferguson
On Lake Superior, where the sky meets the Lake


Stoneware, Porcelain, Raku
315 N. Lake Ave
Apt 312
Duluth, MN 55806