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who's going to dannon's workshop in ohio?

updated sat 26 oct 02


Dannon Rhudy on fri 25 oct 02

Kelly said:

> I am wondering who besides me is going to Dannon's workshop at ACERS in
> November. .....
> Yours, Kelly in Ohio... now the windows are steamed, 34 mason jars
> of homemade applesauce cooling on the table.......

Oh, Kelly, you're in trouble, now. However, if you are sensible you
can get out of it. All you need do is bring me a jar of that homemade
applesauce when you come to the workshop. I haven't had in any
a long time. So, you bring me the applesauce and I'll -
hmmmm - guess I'll just do a small spell to help you over your current
sore throat's the right time of year for it.

And I'm delighted you'll be there - a friendly face or
two never comes amiss! If I run out of stories (or voice), you
can chime in, keep things humming.


Dannon Rhudy