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are mason stains food safe?

updated thu 31 oct 02


PeteTree@AOL.COM on sat 26 oct 02

Well...are they? How about microwave/dishwasher safe?

Marianne Lombardo on sun 27 oct 02

Unfortunately that questions is impossible to answer because it depends upon
the glaze the stains are used in. If you want more information about
durability of glazes, leaching of materials, and how to make safe glazes, a
good source is the book Mastering Cone 6 Glazes recently published.

Marianne Lombardo
Omemee, Ontario, Canada

> Well...are they? How about microwave/dishwasher safe?

Ron Roy on wed 30 oct 02

Depends what you mean by food safe - better question would be - will they
change with use or release colour into food or change the taste of food.
Food safe implies stable with toxic oxides or unstable with no toxicity.

A shivering glaze would not be safe.

The question is better answered by assessing the glaze you put the colours
in. If the glaze is good then the constituents will stay put - depending on
the amount used - the more stain you add the greater the chance of the
glaze becoming unstable.

My answer would be - read the ingredients - understand which oxides are
likely to be a problem and select stains that are less noxious - and use
stable glazes

Stains by themselves are not going to be stable - they are by nature - over
supplied with colouring oxides and so - not glazes.


>Well...are they? How about microwave/dishwasher safe?

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