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how i figure shipping and packing charges

updated wed 23 oct 02


David Hendley on tue 22 oct 02

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> David,
> Do you charge a handling fee to cover your packing material or is that
> included in your 15% flat rate?
> Ingeborg
> the Potter's Workshop & Gallery

For retail sales, I don't charge a packing fee. I use some new boxes and
some recycled ones, but only if they look good.
I am not worried about spending a little time and materials for a retail
but usually the 15% shipping fee leaves a buck or two to go towards
packing time and materials.

Wholesale is another story. I charge the exact shipping amount plus a
packing fee of 5% of the wholesale price. I will also use dirty, well-used
boxes if they are sturctrally sound.

Just what I've come up with; doesn't mean it's right for everyone!

David Hendley
Maydelle, Texas