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clayton bailey; was: clay arms, urban art

updated tue 22 oct 02


Valice Raffi on sun 20 oct 02

A tour of Clayton Bailey's home and studio is included in the video
"America's Weirdest Homes" vol. 4. The video shows a lot of his whimsical
clay sculptures and some of his robots. I bought it for one of the schools
where I teach, and the kids love it!

I bought another one too called "Trash to Treasures" about building homes
from recyled objects. The kids are always asking to see them again. There
are two more in the series that I will probably get this year.

They came from Crystal Art Education Resources (800-255-8629). affiliations except as a satisfied customer!

in Sacramento, getting ready for a week plus in a remote spot in Nevada
just a little east of Area 51.