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signing off alternatives you might consider: simple for me

updated tue 22 oct 02


Craig Clark on sat 19 oct 02

Maybe I'm missing something here but we have Outlook Express on our
machine with an old fashioned 56k modem (no DSL, cable modem or mambee
pambee T1 connections here....the horror.) The download of the daily mail,
usually over 100 messages does not take more than a few minutes. Outlook
displays them line by line, without the text in the upper box. There is
first the person listed that posted the message, then the subject line and
then dat and time recieved. It is quick and easy to delete those posts that
I do not have time or immediate desire to read. You can also put a filter on
any name on the list whose posts you do not wish to see.
Craig Dunn Clark
619 East 11 1/2 st
Houston, Texas 77008

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From: "June Perry"
Sent: Saturday, October 19, 2002 1:04 PM
Subject: Signing off Alternatives you might consider

> With Jonathan leaving the list I thought this was a good time to remind
> people that a good time saver is to read Clayart emails on Yahoo at:
> What I like about the Yahoo site, is that each message shows asubject
> and if you are pressed for time, which most of us are these days, you can
> choose to read only those messages that appeal to you. You don't have to
> scroll through reems of message text to find what you want to read.
> The Clayart digest is limited because you don't see the subject line for
> message and have to scroll all the messages to reach the few out of a
> or more that you may have the time or inclination to read on any given
> So, what I do is subscribe to the digest and rarely read it. Instead I use
> the Yahoo site and then if I want to reply to a message, I just copy the
> subject line and paste it in a new email and send it to the Clayart list.
> don't know if you can reply via the Yahoo site, which is why I still
> subscribe to the digest.
> By using the Yahoo site, I don't have to read or scroll through every
> message. It's a way to maintain contact with the list and fellow
> and yet be selective about how much time I want to spend reading the
> messages.
> Regards,
> June Perry
> Send postings to
> You may look at the archives for the list or change your subscription
> settings from
> Moderator of the list is Mel Jacobson who may be reached at

Ann Geiger on sun 20 oct 02

Hello, as an addition to other suggestions, I find that sorting the
messages in topic order is a real time saver. I can highlight all the
messages I am not interested in and use the delete key or I can
highlight messages I want to read later and move them to one of the
subtopic folders I have set up under Clayart. I also have all my
messages from ClayArt automatically moved to the Clayart folder as soon
as they are received. I use Outlook now and it has been too long since
I have used Outlook Express for me to know whether it has all of these
capabilities. Anyway, once I started setting the ClayArt folder to view
messages in subject order, going through a hundred messages became a
much quicker task.
Annie Geiger in soggy Fly Creek, NY where the deer are running.

James Bowen on mon 21 oct 02

The old logreader program that came to me when ever i signed
on to this clayart list sorts messages from the digest by
Subject or Author or both, and has worlds of other feature I
never use. Works fine, but I wish I could just tweak it a
little to save files with longer file names. I haven't found
any support for it. Are there other programs that do the
same? Is this similar to a newsreader? This way I only get
one e-mail from clayart containing all the day's posts. Just
cut and paste the subject to respond via outlook. That way
you respond to either the individual or the list as you

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