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updated sun 20 oct 02


Lily Krakowski on sat 19 oct 02

What to put in the catalog? A catalog is a selling tool. To sell one does
all one can to make the purchase easy on the customer! Duh..... I love the
Tucker catalog, as I love their mid-range white body because the absorption
and shrinkage are right and the clay body adorable. I tried but did not
care for their red body, although it seems to contain BLACK iron oxide,
which as we all know--don't we-- gives the same color as red, but does not
stain everything in sight. I did not like its feel, so I stopped using it.
(Sorry, Ron.)

My point is that OF COURSE one cannot go by the catalog ALONE. But when I
go to a shoe store I first pick the right size and color and then try the
shoe on because not all lasts fit the same way. Same with clothes. Same
with clay. There is EVERY point in telling basics about a clay body, just
as there is EVERY point in putting sizes on clothes, and what the material
is, and how to wash it...

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