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how is my exhibition going?

updated sat 19 oct 02


Marta Matray Gloviczki on fri 18 oct 02

many friends and claybuds are asking,
and i didnt get to answer everyone yet.
my first solo show is going to be a week old tonite!
(and it is still going on until november 1st.)
the opening was great, many, many people came!
and i really was pleased by the buying custumers too!
the gallery asked them to leave the pieces there until
the end of the show, so if any of you can come this
way, give me a call, i have a key and i would love to
give a private tour to any clayarters!!!
i was so tired after the opening was over, that i just
started to get back to "normal" few days ago.
i took pictures, they hopefully will be up on my
photopage this coming weekend to share them with my
i have a lot of pieces there, close to 100.
(counting an installation of bowls titled "40 BOWLS")
so around 60 other pieces, lots of rock forms and
pebbles and goddesses.
in the last minute i even had my statement written and
printed, thanks to this thread on clayart. i stole
ideas from all of you, but at the end it really became
MY statement, and vince is right, althou it was a
struggle to write it, i did learn a great deal from
it was like: "oh, my, yeah, so that is why i`m doing
what i`m doing..." pretty interesting...
so, in few days you`ll be going to be invited for a
virtual tour... please bear with me...
to see that lovely gallery space with the pictures of
my pots in it.
thanks for all the good wishes too!


marta matray gloviczki

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