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primitive black-on-white firing(correction)

updated thu 17 oct 02


John Guerin on tue 15 oct 02

In a message dated 10/14/02 10:42:22 PM Central Daylight Time,
timothy.wilcox@NAU.EDU writes:

<< he Anasazi style Black-on-
white pottery is a ware that uses low iron natural clay and a burnished
white kaolin slip, painted with rocky mountain beeweed boiled down into
syrup (basically sugar) then fired in such a way that the carbon from the
sugar does not burn out and leaves a black design and the iron in the clay
does not oxidize producing a white to gray clay body.

Sorry about that, in my previous reply I meant to say manganese dioxide, not
magnesium dioxide.

John Guerin
Tucson AZ