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my little kiln shelf story

updated thu 17 oct 02


george koller on tue 15 oct 02

Hi All,

Thought I'd share my story as it might provide a surprise
alternative source for shelves from the usual suspects.
First, my studio is in the upper mid-west, in upper Michigan
to be more exact. Finding the right shelves at a reasonable
cost AND getting them shipped to this area without hight
costs and on anything like a timely basis turned out to be
something more of challenge than I expected.

Then, last night, after a lengthy and careful (read boring /
desperate) web search I found a Canadian source of shelves.
Shipping sure seems reasonable, they gave me a discount at
qty 10, and shipping is to be less than one week.

Thought I'd share this source with you folks, as the shelves are
made in England by a company I think they said was Diamond,
they are said to be good to cone 12. The company selling the
shelves is Euclid Kilns and they are in the Toronto area.
Their number is 1-800-296-5456.

Will appreciate hearing about these shelves and/or source if
anybody is using them.


george koller
sturgeon bay, wi - door county