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clay trap and cleanup

updated wed 16 oct 02


Russel Fouts on tue 15 oct 02


>> At the risk of being annoying, I'd advise your teacher not to run the water continuously when cleaning her clay tools, and to teach her students to do the same. This is one of my pet peeves and I'm always annoying my students about it, too. Sponges work MUCH better than running water for cleaning clay off hands, tools, etc. <<

Another annoying person ;-)

A dishwashing brush works even better and quicker. Break the head off it
and it's much easier to manage.

A soft nail brush works quickly on your hands and really gets the small,
most drying clay particles out of your hands. Much better than anything.
You might not even need hand cream later.

Actually, a coarse brush works just as well and isn't really that hard
on your hands. Nobody said you have to scrub hard with it.



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