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not a worthwhile book

updated thu 17 oct 02


Charles Moore on mon 14 oct 02

Hi, Mildred,

Be very careful about Mark Burleson's book. It is very attractive, but it
is filled with error (unless a second, corrected edition has been
published). I received a list (actually two separate lists) of errata along
with the book. I was shocked that some the corrections on the errata list
do not make sense.

In addition, one of the errata notes says that toxic chemicals will be
marked by an exclamation point (a white exclamation point in a black
diamond). The recipes frequently contain toxic materials--which are not so

I complained to the publisher, but have received no reply.

I hope some of the other Clayarters can make some suggestions for
easy-to-read glaze books.

Charles Moore

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From: "Mildred Herot"
Sent: Sunday, October 13, 2002 10:13 PM
Subject: A Worthwhile Book

> I recently came across a new book (at least new for me) at our regional
library and find it most enlightening. Enough that I intend to buy a copy.
It is "The Ceramic Glaze Handbook" written by Mark Burleson. His writing
is very clear and the book has many diagrams and lists which explain many
things clearly. For people like me who can't add over ten without taking
off my shoes, it really seems helpful in mixing and understanding glazes.
> MIldred Herot - Cheltenham, Pa.
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Valerie Hawkins on wed 16 oct 02

I have to disagree. The errors were pretty minor in my opinion. and Mark's
book is so straight forward and easy to understand. I thought it was a
terrific introduction to glaze chemistry. A good stepping stone to meatier
tomes. And from my understanding, the publisher was trading out old volumes
for new at some point.