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fwd: book about medieval pottery

updated tue 15 oct 02


Janet Kaiser on tue 15 oct 02

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On 14/10/02 at 12:38 MOLINA, RAFAEL

I was given a book by a former student of mine about this specific topic.
The title is Medieval Pottery by Jeremy Haslam Shire Publications ISBN 0
7478 0010 3. I'm not sure if it is still available or out of print.

Some of the chapters listed in the table of contents are Saxo-Norman
Pottery (AD 850 to 1150), Medieval Pottery ( 110 to 1500), Some Regional
Types: Oxford and London, Kilns, and Museums.

The small paper bound book is only 64 pages, but half of the book is black
and white photos and drawings of pottery shapes. It is a great resource
for anyone interested in this style of pottery.

The books suggests the following titles for further reading:

Medieval Sussex Pottery by Barton, Medieval Pottery from Excavations by
Evison and Hurst, Selected Pottery Groups by Hurst, Local and Imported
Wares at Canterbury-late Saxon, Saxo-Norman, and Medieval: a provisional
guide by Macpherson-Grant, and Medieval English Pottery by Rackham 2nd
edition edited by Hurst.

I hope this helps!



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