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buzzed artists (not magritte)

updated tue 15 oct 02


Potter Wagoner on mon 14 oct 02

<my favorites...Inovators>>

Don't add Rene Magritte.....he couldn't stand drunks and drug users.

But yet his art was wild and interesting and truly inovative....sort of
blows your theory a little.

Think of all the artists you speak of that wanted to get clean and could
not. What would they have done if there were able to shake off the

When you mentioned Pollock, that was another bad example since he did a
lot of his best work during periods of sobriety.

Miles Davis is another great example....look/listen to the great work he
did after he got clean. Santana is another one that got better and more
creative after he cleaned up.

Drugs and alcohol are a vail that allows you to think you are free to be
yourself. But you can't feel the real pain because you are under

As for making pots....just don't tell me anyone can make better pots
when they are drunk.....just don't drink behind the wheel.

Potter Wagoner

The trees are starting to change color as I type.