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book about medieval pottery was re: re: medieval pottery

updated tue 15 oct 02


MOLINA, RAFAEL on mon 14 oct 02

I was given a book by a former student of mine about this specific =
topic. The title is Medieval Pottery by Jeremy Haslam Shire =
Publications ISBN 0 7478 0010 3. I'm not sure if it is still available =
or out of print.

Some of the chapters listed in the table of contents are Saxo-Norman =
Pottery (AD 850 to 1150), Medieval Pottery ( 110 to 1500), Some Regional =
Types: Oxford and London, Kilns, and Museums.

The small paper bound book is only 64 pages, but half of the book is =
black and white photos and drawings of pottery shapes. It is a great =
resource for anyone interested in this style of pottery.

The books suggests the following titles for further reading:

Medieval Sussex Pottery by Barton, Medieval Pottery from Excavations by =
Evison and Hurst, Selected Pottery Groups by Hurst, Local and Imported =
Wares at Canterbury-late Saxon, Saxo-Norman, and Medieval: a provisional =
guide by Macpherson-Grant, and Medieval English Pottery by Rackham 2nd =
edition edited by Hurst.

I hope this helps!



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