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links i have come across in researching kiln construction

updated sun 13 oct 02


Tim on fri 11 oct 02


Thanks so much for the list. This is WONDERFUL work! This is why I joined
ClayArt!!! :-)

- Tim Miller -
The Maker's Image
Indianapolis, IN - where it's looking WAY too much like Summer's over.

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Subject: Links I have come accross in researching Kiln Construction

I would like ot share some links with ya'll that I have found while
kiln construction. I hope these might be of some help to people out there.

Bricks, Refractories

Able Insulating Castable Products

Allied Mineral Products, Inc. is a manufacturer of high quality, high
technology monolithic refractories.

Armil C.F.S. High Temperature Process Furnaces
Refractory & Insulation Products

Atlantic and Firebrick Supply Company

Bailey Ceramic Supply - Kilns & Acc. - Kiln Materials

BNZ Materials - Insulating Firebrick

Branton Industries - Industrial Products

Clay Art Center - Ceramic Kiln Accessories: Refractory Supplies

Emisshield Products

Euclids - Kiln Building and Repair

Fiberfrax Technical Data Page

Jay's Refractory Products

The source for All of your
Refractory Product & Construction Service needs.

Lowe Industrial, Ceramic Fibers & Refractories

New Castle Refractories


RX Chemical Company - Refractory Coating

Superior Brick

Thermal Ceramics - A World Force In Heat Management

Thermalite Ceramic Fiber

ThermoDyne Refractories

Ultimate Revolutionary Coatings

Zircoa Refractory Bricks

Burners and Combustion

A Simple Homemade Burner

Burner Choices and Getting Hot - Excerpt from Furnace/Glory Hole Review

Buzzer Burners - Furnaces and Burners

Ceramic Kiln Accessories: Venturi Burners

Flame Engineering

FireRight-Warner Instruments - FireRight Catalog Index

Homemade Propane Burner

Knifemaking and Venturi Burners

Modified Side-Arm Burner from the Zoeller Forge

New Burner Assembly

Propane Burner Construction

Ward Burner Systems - Power Burners, Raku Burners and Kilns

Wayne Combustion Systems Burners

Western Natural Gas Products Ltd. - Regulators

Forges and Casting

Backyard Metalcasting aka The Lab

Budget Casting Supply - Ordering Info

Freon-Bottle Foundry

Gas Burning Forge

Riser's Small Propane Fired Forge

Plans, Hints and Tips

Catenary Arch Kiln

Bath Potter's - Kiln Building

Kiln Building Workshop

Magic of Fire Symposium 2001 - Kiln Construction

The Process of Designing and Building a Kiln

River Bend Pottery - The Kiln Gallery

Rocketman Anagama

Shropes Ceramics - Three Kilns

Upwey Potters Soda Kiln Page

World of Pottery and Ceramics_ Reference-Equipment-Kiln


ASTM International - Standard Classification of Insulating Firebrick

Ceramics Industry - Cutting Energy Use with Insulation

Drill Size Reference Chart

Propane and Natural Gas Reference Charts

Online Combustion Tutorial

Texas Propane Gas Association

WorldBook General Reference Encyclopedia
Industry & Technology Chemical Industry
Other Substances Refractory


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