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links i have come accross in researching kiln construction

updated sat 12 oct 02


Steven Lee on fri 11 oct 02

I would like ot share some links with ya'll that I have found while
kiln construction. I hope these might be of some help to people out there.

Bricks, Refractories

Able Insulating Castable Products

Allied Mineral Products, Inc. is a manufacturer of high quality, high
technology monolithic refractories.

Armil C.F.S. High Temperature Process Furnaces
Refractory & Insulation Products

Atlantic and Firebrick Supply Company

Bailey Ceramic Supply - Kilns & Acc. - Kiln Materials

BNZ Materials - Insulating Firebrick

Branton Industries - Industrial Products

Clay Art Center - Ceramic Kiln Accessories: Refractory Supplies

Emisshield Products

Euclids - Kiln Building and Repair

Fiberfrax Technical Data Page

Jay's Refractory Products

The source for All of your
Refractory Product & Construction Service needs.

Lowe Industrial, Ceramic Fibers & Refractories

New Castle Refractories


RX Chemical Company - Refractory Coating

Superior Brick

Thermal Ceramics - A World Force In Heat Management

Thermalite Ceramic Fiber

ThermoDyne Refractories

Ultimate Revolutionary Coatings

Zircoa Refractory Bricks

Burners and Combustion

A Simple Homemade Burner

Burner Choices and Getting Hot - Excerpt from Furnace/Glory Hole Review

Buzzer Burners - Furnaces and Burners

Ceramic Kiln Accessories: Venturi Burners

Flame Engineering

FireRight-Warner Instruments - FireRight Catalog Index

Homemade Propane Burner

Knifemaking and Venturi Burners

Modified Side-Arm Burner from the Zoeller Forge

New Burner Assembly

Propane Burner Construction

Ward Burner Systems - Power Burners, Raku Burners and Kilns

Wayne Combustion Systems Burners

Western Natural Gas Products Ltd. - Regulators

Forges and Casting

Backyard Metalcasting aka The Lab

Budget Casting Supply - Ordering Info

Freon-Bottle Foundry

Gas Burning Forge

Riser's Small Propane Fired Forge

Plans, Hints and Tips

Catenary Arch Kiln

Bath Potter's - Kiln Building

Kiln Building Workshop

Magic of Fire Symposium 2001 - Kiln Construction

The Process of Designing and Building a Kiln

River Bend Pottery - The Kiln Gallery

Rocketman Anagama

Shropes Ceramics - Three Kilns

Upwey Potters Soda Kiln Page

World of Pottery and Ceramics_ Reference-Equipment-Kiln


ASTM International - Standard Classification of Insulating Firebrick

Ceramics Industry - Cutting Energy Use with Insulation

Drill Size Reference Chart

Propane and Natural Gas Reference Charts

Online Combustion Tutorial

Texas Propane Gas Association

WorldBook General Reference Encyclopedia
Industry & Technology Chemical Industry
Other Substances Refractory


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