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my residency at the bray (long)

updated thu 10 oct 02


Marcia Selsor on thu 10 oct 02

Dear clayarters,
i am back on clayart if only for a few days.
My 6 weeks at the Archie Bray were absolutely fantastic.
It was really great to have so much time to myself to work.
I was up at 6 and in the studio by 8. usually left anywhere from 11 pm
to 3 aM.
I was working with terra sigs and terra cotta originally.
I did several ^1 soda firings with beautiful results. I reverted back to
a ^6 handbuilding body of my dear friend,Linda Blossom. I am
constructing a free standing arch for the bray grounds in Helena.
There was an Anagama firing while I was there. Since I was working with
low fire clay I didn't get anything in it but I did sketches and
captured many for a bas relief for the arch!
I stayed in a beautiful home in which the family rents rooms to bray
residents. It was only a few minutes from the studio. Helena was a great
town. I can see why so many people from the Bray stay on in Helena. I
had dinner with Sarah Jaeger and another dinner with George McCauley.
In the summer studio we had 10 spaces. While the weather started to get
cool, there was a wood stove in the center of the studio. My room mates
were a good bunch of pooters and sculptors. I miss them already!
While I missed the Clayart group, I went back in touch with people who
are technologically challenged. I really loved my 6 weeks in Helena.
The winter residents and Josh and Rosie (director and significant other
director) were really wonderful..especially for the younger artists who
were struggling to get by during their residencies. It is really a
"great place to work". I met Archie Bray Junior who was visitng from
Berkeley, Ca.He really loved my installation and spoke to me about it
quite a bit!
I had made more books for my 9/11 installation which will be at Hood
College in a few weeks. Tony!!! I used the coffin kiln to sawdust fire
28 earthenware books. Josh let me put them up in the warehouse gallery
to photograph them. We kept them up for the month of Sept. as part of a
9/11 memorial. The sawdust firing in the coffin kiln spared my neighbors
in Billings and gave me some wonderful results.The younger people
couldn't speak to me about it. But many people my age spoke about it
Anyway,I just wanted to check in with my clay buds. (hey Joyce, I see
you are the deputy mayor for a while).
I am packing up a trailer of my work and hauling it to Hood College for
our show which opens on Oct. 18. Architectural ceramics workshop is 19
and 20. Next, while in the East I am doing a few other workshops. If
anyone wants to take a weekend workshop in central NJ I will be at
Loveladies, Long Beach island on Nov. 9th and 10th. another
architectural ceramics workshop there. I had to miss the raku Rhodey-o.
Couldn't get away from the Bray and packed up in time to be there. So
sorry Kate. Maybe some other time. I am looking at snow come Sat.
morning as I leave home for the east.
Looking forward to meeting a bunch of clayarters either at Hood, LBI or
spots in between. Nice to be home and to read what is happening on Clayart.
Best wishes,
marcia selsor in montana soon to be heading East

Tuscany in 2003