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marcia selsor's letter, about the books

updated thu 10 oct 02


Ann Brink on wed 9 oct 02

Marcia wrote: "I had made more books for my 9/11 installation which will be
at Hood
College in a few weeks. Tony!!! I used the coffin kiln to sawdust fire
28 earthenware books. Josh let me put them up in the warehouse gallery
to photograph them. We kept them up for the month of Sept. as part of a
9/11 memorial"

Marcia- this paragraph especially interested me- will there be a place where
we could see a picture of these books? I am visualizing these as "life
stories" of victims. Is 28 the total number? It must be a moving sight.
I made 28 miniature urns on that day, and have just made a simple tower
shape for them- 4 to a floor. When I get a picture posted, I will tell the

Ann Brink, Lompoc CA
1 Skutt kiln, one updraft gas kiln, 2 kickwheels and 1 Pacifica, and I need
more space! I should get rid of one of the kickwheels but I like each of
them for different reasons.