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insurance redux/ scary

updated thu 10 oct 02


Lily Krakowski on wed 9 oct 02

Some time ago I wrote to one of the major ceramics magazines to ask for
insurance guidance. My question was: who insures/how/what etc. teachers
who offer workshops in their home studio. And if they are employed, even on
a per diem basis by a school or other commercial venture, would that
extablishment's insurance cover the teacher giving a workshop at home?

I was/am concerned because so many teachers who teach at places that have
only electric kilns will invite students to their home studios for raku
parties, woodfirings and so on.

What prompted my question to begin with was that a very nice woman who takes
a non-pottery class with a friend of mine invited her entire class to her
home for a pot-luck Christmas get-together. I add that this woman not only
took a class, she also taught one. Fine. Then her insurance company told
her she could not do that, because her policy did not cover it. So the
party was cancelled.

Anyway: the magazine --I do not recall which one it was--printed my letter
and commented that laws and policies vary so much from state to state etc
that they could only URGE PEOPLE TO CHECK CHECK CHECK.

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