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artist statement (esoteric)

updated thu 10 oct 02


Potter Wagoner on wed 9 oct 02

I pulled this out of my Masters Thesis as I thought it showed both sides
of the artists statement conundrum pretty well.

It can be dangerous to intellectualize art. In trying to define and
interpret it, it's true meaning can be lost. I realize the subjective
nature of interpretation, but I feel the need to try to bring some sort
of codification to the questions that the audience will ask. In the end,
the final decision is left to the viewer. To quote Agnes Martin from a
lecture entitled "Beauty is the Mystery of Life" Martin says, "All human
knowledge is useless in art work.There is so much written about art that
is mistaken for an intellectual pursuit." In light of this
understanding I have attempted to keep an open mind and leave room for
flexibility. However, Hans-Georg Gadamer points out that to interpret
is, "to give voice to signs that don't speak on their own."

Potter Wagoner
Still 45 miles west of INDY