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updated wed 9 oct 02


L. P. Skeen on mon 7 oct 02

Greetings folks! This is just an update. I still have about 60 copies =
of the cookbook left for sale. If you want a copy, you can order from =
the website. Profit on sales from the cookbook go to the Clayart Fund. =
:) That's about $1000. So far, having sent out what seems like a =
zillion of these things, I've had only ONE return-mail piece, from =
Canada. Can't remember whose it was, but the person din't go pick it up =
at the post office, so they sent it back to me. I did have about 30 =
people say they din't get theirs, and had to resend.

I have set up a shopping cart page for the calendars, which are at the =
printers now. They feature either 34 or 36 images (can't remember =
which) in a 3-per-month format. They are 9x12" (18x24" unfolded), =
saddle-stitched, and full color on all pages. The work that was =
submitted for the calendar was really great!!! I don't have the list of =
featured artists here (it's at the printer). I expect to get a proof =
next week, and once approved, they will be printed. These can also be =
ordered directly from the website! :) They will be excellent holiday =
gifts for the pottery lover in your life - roll 'em up and stuff some =



L. P. Skeen
the Viscountess Standing Turtle
Living Tree Studios, Summerfield, NC
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