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artists'statements, wv (wonderful vince) and like that. tedious

updated thu 10 oct 02


Lily Krakowski on mon 7 oct 02

Artists statements are just that. STATEMENTS.

What matters to me, Vince, is not their why and wherefore, but the whole bit
about LANGUAGE, which already has come up several times in the brief time
(two months?) I have been back on CLAYART.

A lot of potters are, as I think Janet said, dyslexic. From what I know of
the world, some may be on heavy medications for depression, schizophrenia,
and other problems. Others may have damaged language skills from CP
neurological disorders, and deafness.

What clay offers is a world of silent communication. A world in which
those who, for whatever reason, have less language than most are treated as
equals. I have a niece who is deaf, and I have been a refugee and seen
brilliant brilliant educated people silenced by their inability to
communicate in the local lingo. ( I add here that the beauty of religious
services in Hebrew, or in Latin is/was that no one was really deprived of
understanding the service by being a stranger in a strange land.)

For all I care, any verbaly skilled, language blessed person can write a
whole Megilah about her work. How she was influenced by a little puppy, how
he spent three years in a Buddhist monastery, how she never understood clay
till she got a PhD in geology, how he wants to capture the mystery of

What matters to me, enormously, is that a potter who has clay as her main
language is barred or handicapped when there is a show or similar where a
statement is asked for. THIS IS WHAT BUGS THE BOOTS OFF ME!!!!!

It does not matter to me, that one can read the statement after seeing the
pots, before seeing it, or when taking a break in the middle of examining a
show. What I am so deeply concerned about is that someone might be deprived
of an opportunity glib, verbal people like me have.

I value, I cherish the silence of clay. I value, I cherish that we talk to
each other and the world in the same language whether we "speak" 2500 year
old Peruvian --was it already Ke'chua?-- or 3000 year old Chinese, or
medieval Portuguese, or modern Japanese or English or Flemish. And I do not
like when assaults --and I see them as such-- are made on that muddy
language by demands for words.

I know there is something oxy-moronic in my request, but I would appreciate
it, and I think we all would benefit, if some of you who know what I am
talking about, some of you silent, shy lurkers, would communicate with
Clayart and tell us YOUR view.

Or, at the risk of seeming arrogant, write me, and I will tally the answers,
not comment, nor discuss,nor reveal, and just pass the count on to Clayart.

And. Speaking of communication. When I returned to Clayart I was enrolled
as Lily. Which makes no never mind. But my name really is as I sign it.
Not a diminutive, just

Lili Krakowski

P.O. Box #1
Constableville, N.Y.
(315) 942-5916/ 397-2389

Be of good courage....

Barbara on tue 8 oct 02

Lili Krakowski How can I e-mail you w my ponderous artist's statement-- I
love your posts--ie., I often agree w u.
Please--- I am too shy to send it to the list.

Barb in Oregon