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artists statements....

updated wed 9 oct 02


Sandy Miller on tue 8 oct 02

I hate them, fought having one for years. Then I really needed one. I =
agonized.... yes I am dyslexic; "my work speaks for itself." Bull crap, =
some folks just don't get it. I got tired of folks asking if I made it =
or why I made it. Then I did a show with a good friend, he has very =
strong work and you first impulse might be yuck. over the years I got =
to know him and why he makes what he does. I told him; people need to =
hear you, you need an artist statement. "do you have one?" Caught. I =
am very passionate about my work so I put a tape recorder in my studio =
and everytime I would be ranting; on the inside, I grabbed the recorder =
and spoke and before you know it I had a page of stuff. We have an =
opening at a local gallery this friday and I am doing my first =
installation piece. Lots of porc. tubes stacked on a pedestal, unglazed =
just white fired porc. tubes naked..... I am hoping the tubes fall =
during the opening and break. The title: if an artist screams in her =
studio does anyone hear?????? =20
go write your artist statement
Sandy Miller=20