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lark's 500 teapots....... now ^6 vs ^10

updated fri 4 oct 02


Catherine White on thu 3 oct 02

I wish more were written by those doing ^6 work. You mention the glaze not
"healing" finger marks at that temp. I do ^10 but am planning on going to
^6. Please write about the differences!

Catherine in Yuma, AZ
The 119 days have ended. Sad. Now the chilly nights come. There was
something healing about the hot dry air. Bye Bye, Summer.

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Sent: Thursday, October 03, 2002 3:37 AM

I differentiate 'fully exploit' from just
> putting a Cone 6 glaze on a pot and turning on the electric kiln. That
> is easy. But to work out ways to obtain great glaze effects - as someone,
> maybe Lisa, said yesterday, not just putting glaze on that looks like
> paint - that's not as easy at Cone 6.
> I was looking at Kenneth Clark's Potter's Manual the other day, and in
> several different places on glazing he says not to worry about finger
> they can be smoothed out later. Well, maybe at high fire they can, I have
> no experience of that. But at Cone 6 electric, with many glazes, you
> get the application right the first time, because things show! With some
> glazes the drips may be aesthetically pleasing, but with many of them, it
> just looks like messy glazing. The application can take a bit of
> And that's just the application, then there's the actual glazes.
> Holly,
> East Bangor, PA, US