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how small is this world?mary/howard axner

updated fri 4 oct 02


Jeff Longtin on wed 2 oct 02

Back in May we had our annual open house, Art-A-Whirl, in Nordeast
Minneapolis. (We being the artists who have studios in warehouses in
Northeast Mpls.)
Saturday afternoon a woman walked into my studio and started asking all sorts
of clay/mold questions. After awhile I asked if she was a potter. "No" she
said, she had just worked with a woman years ago who was into it and had
taught her a few things. I asked her the name of this woman and she told me
her name was Mary Axner. She also told me that she had lost touch with Mary
as she had moved down to Florida.
I laughed at the irony and told her that Mrs. Axners husband now had one of
the largest clay supply companies in the country. This woman (I forget her
name) was rather surprised. She told me that Howard was/is Mary's son and
that she had no idea that Howard was into clay. I told her that yes, Howard
was into clay big time and that his store was a rather big operation down in
As the woman spoke she told me she worked in advertising. I asked with what
firms she worked. I then told her my dad, now deceased, worked quite a bit
with ad firms while he was alive. This woman then introduced her female
friend to me and explained that her friend worked in advertising during the
same period that my dad had. Lo and behold this woman's friend knew of my dad.
It is a small world indeed!
Jeff longtin
connecting the dots in mpls.

Graeme Anderson on thu 3 oct 02

Yes, it is indeed a small world. A couple of years ago, an ex-Aussie man,
now living in the States, his American wife, and two kids came into my
pottery. They were admiring an oil painting of an open cut opal mine. I
was showing them how I could go down into the open cut and walk straight
into my mine. (None of this climbing down and up ladders for me. ) As a
by-the-way comment, he said his father, (from Dubbo, a town about 220 miles
south of here) used to do a bit of mining here years previously. Yes, I
knew his father, (now dead) - in fact I sold my claim to him, to extend the
open cut mine. Great excitement.
"Hey kids, look, look, this is where your grandfather used to mine."
Pity the painting was too big for him to buy and take back to the States.
Cheers. Graeme.