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updated thu 3 oct 02


Britt Boden on wed 2 oct 02

I would like to thank you claypeople for all the great ideas to apply to my
clay class.
We had our second handbuilding class yesterday, and I think we got a
great group going. The creative juices are flowing. Just as I wanted
I started my class with the "Pepper pinch project" and they all
loved it. They all looked puzzeled when I told them to hold their clayball
under the table and pinch. I gave them a minute and after that they got a
second clayball to "eye"pinch.
A great techniqe I learned from reading the recent STUDIOPOTTER
about teaching kids.
I also do the pot of the week, I bring in a pot that have a
technique we going to explore, yesterday we looked at a slabbbuilt pot made
by Mary Barringer. One of my favorite potters that works in handbuilding.

If you have more ideas to share, I am happy to learn more, I would like to be
the best teacher I can be and not have to put all my "eggs in the sell-sell
show basket", what a drag that is by the way. Its a difficult craft to learn
to sell without being pushy.

Britt in
upstate NY