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updated tue 1 oct 02


Pat Southwood on mon 30 sep 02

Dear Joan,
If the good old BEEB is reprinting The Craft of The Potter then they are
doing world wide students of ceramics at all levels an immense favour.
Even if you know everything about everything this is still a book to have.
If only to have the pleasure of being able to lend it out to
friends/students. It is SO well written. For those who are not familiar with
Michael Casson, this book was a result of a B.B.C. tv series in the mid
1970's .......
It also has a worldwide ceramic timeline on the inside cover which is
facinating, being able to clearly compare ceramic activity worldwide is very
Best Wishes
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From: "Joan Ashworth"
Sent: Monday, September 30, 2002 4:55 AM
Subject: Re: Lill' Help -- Book Folks

> In the local bookshop in Durban there were two "new" pottery books:
> Casson's The Craft of the Potter, and Fournier's Dictionary......
> Wonderful re-prints of the originals, with beautiful new covers and the
> insides just wonderful.
> Joan
> in Durban
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