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updated tue 1 oct 02


Laurie-Jean Gombar on mon 30 sep 02

I have been reading up on sume of the archived posts and decided to ask my
own question as there are so many variables. I realize that this is a hot
topic and has been discussed before, but I have a different "twist." Feel
free to e-mail me off list at sillyca

I majored in ceramics and moved out to Maine in 97'. I worked for 2
production potters. (wonderful people, still friends-and if you recognize
me, "HI!") Anyway, My husband and I have spent 3 years rehabing a 2 family
home. We live upstairs and the downstairs 2/3 will be the studio/store. A
lot of work was needed to be done to the place, due to restructure and
reinforcing the walls and floors. We bought the property for it's location,
it's on a busy street, in a commercial zone and the space. We also live in
a tourist town.
When I get started-should I just stick to keeping my work in my own store?
Or consign or wholesale to funeral homes? I am planning on specializing in
crematorial urns and ones made to order (along with platters, pitchers,
bowls, etc.) I am not working full time- though sporadically as a temp, it
seems to help if there is an extra bit here and there from me in the
finances, but living off my own income is not a priority. We also have 2
website URL's so when I get some samples ready, they will be on the web as
I welcome all opinions. Thank you.

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