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degrees of twaddle?tweedle dum/tweedle de

updated tue 1 oct 02


Janet Kaiser on tue 1 oct 02

OK Jeff! But please get it right! It is "Tweedle Dum and Tweedle De" as I
have corrected in the subject line (not t'other way around) and Lewis
Carroll was one of the absolute masters of nonsense. The number of words he
invented is massive. Just read his Jabberwocky poem! So, no, I doubt very
much that he was a closet potter.

We appear to have two words:

TWADDELL: The Twaddell Scale, which was named after William Twaddell who
made the first hydrometer. (Thanks Avril and Pat for explaining that).

TWADDLE: when 'that's a load of twaddle' means: that's a lot of nonsense
being spoken. This twaddle apparently (according to the Oxford English
Dictionary) is a derivative of "twattle" which in turn was derived from
"tattle" =3D chatter, idle talk, prattle or gossip. Hence "The Tattler"
magazine, I suppose.

BTW your enthusiasm for slip technology and development reminds me of my
very early days of "discovering clay" as a schoolgirl. The strict
laboratory-style demeanor of the guy who was doing the work (down to
wearing a spotless WHITE lab coat! :-) and his ultra secretiveness when
making and developing his oh, so secret slip recipes, contrasted so much to
his sister (who was The Artist) it appeared totally hysterical even to an
11-year-old. I am afraid this established my antipathy for slip-casting,
which has stayed with me to this day. Much to the disgust of potters who
make really great work, I may add!

But you are right. The work which has gone into improving slip has been
tremendous. Unfortunately it does make it difficult for a simple soul like
me to understand and does not entice me personally into that world. Give me
a lump of solid clay any day! :-)


Janet Kaiser

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