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gas kiln in the garage

updated mon 30 sep 02


Dale Neese on sun 29 sep 02

Gas kiln in the garage? Just the sound of it makes me hurt. Isn't there =
a better location? I wouldn't even think a gas company would want to =
risk connecting a kiln up if there were any chance of them being held =
liable. In a city, codes would turn you down in a nano-second. Insurance =
company? Looking for a reason to turn you down on a claim? I doubt you =
could get an insurance company to even write a policy on what you are =
thinking. It wouldn't matter if you sold biscuits out of that kiln, you =
wouldn't get let alone afford coverage. Forget it! In this day and time =
if anything were to happen you would be S.O.L. Try and explain the =
temperature of the exhaust gasses as they go up the chimney. I have a =
gas kiln OUTSIDE, used to have a hood and chimney until it rusted out in =
less than a year. I know, if you want to spend the money, anything is =
possible. I just wouldn't what my life and the life of loved ones to be =
in jeopardy.
Dale Tex