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a wonderful show in ft collins co!!

updated sun 29 sep 02


Megan Ratchford on fri 27 sep 02

Hello to all! If anyone is in the front range area of Colorado or in =
Southern Wyoming pop in to the Lincoln Center in Ft Collins Colorado =
(417 Magnolia) to see an incredible collection of pots from Jim and Nan =
McKinnell's own collection. These are pots from the who's who of =
ceramics: Hamada, Leach, Mackenzie, Cardew, Ferguson, Shaner, Voulkos, =
Soldner, Duckworth... all with wonderful recollections about these =
artists from the McKinnells. Not to mention a fine selection of the =
McKinnell's own work.
Tonight was the opening and it was good to see Jim and Nan. Stop by =
if you can!!
In Littleton poaching salmon for a friend's bridal shower and readying =
my gear for my possibly rainy shift at the wood kiln tomorrow night.