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"everything i learned from firing and maintaining an electric

updated sun 29 sep 02


Carol Tripp on sat 28 sep 02


Hi Steven,
There was an article called "Electric Kiln Basics" in Pottery Making
Illustrated, Jan/Feb 2002 issue, that might be helpful. I also found Richard
Zakin's book, Electric Kiln Ceramics" helpful when I was starting out.
Best regards,
Dubai, UAE

Steven wrote:
>I would like to have the gurus of electric kiln ceramics to help
>answer a question that we beginners in electric kiln ceramics might
>I guess I would like a response to the general question:
>"Everything I learned from Firing and Maintaining an Electric Kiln!"
>I'm sure it would answer a lot of beginner questions as well as help
>those of us who need some assistance in the care and feeding of an
>electric kiln.

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