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winchester workshop

updated mon 31 mar 03


Wendy Peck on wed 25 sep 02

Hi all,

I would like to add my comments to Tony Ferguson's on the Tony Winchester
workshop held in Duluth, MN last weekend.

Anyone who is interested in texture and creating expressive work, should not
miss an opportunity to watch Tony Winchester work. He is amazing. Watching
clay come to life on the wheel is always fascinating, but Tony breathes life
into every piece he does. His personal energy makes for an entertaining
time, but it is watching that energy go into the clay that is nothing short
of a miracle. Even if you never used a technique he teaches, and there were
hundreds of excellent tips, hints and methods, watching Tony work is worth
the price of admission. Tony F mentioned the joy as Tony W works. That is a
perfect description.

There were a couple of times that the audience burst into applause when Tony
finished assembling a piece. The impact was great, watching him take three
or four standard thrown shapes and before our eyes, art appeared.

As a beginning potter, I consider myself very fortunate to have had this
influence early in my "clay" life. I don't think I will ever be able to work
on the wheel without remembering Tony's energy, and pure love for his craft.
If I can capture a tiny fraction of his near spiritual connection with clay,
I will be very satisfied.

You will not meet a warmer person than Tony. He entertained us for two days
with stories, and the ability to laugh at himself, both currently when
things did not go perfectly, and when talking about his development as a
potter. Just an overall enjoyable, and deeply educational weekend.

If you get the chance to see Tony Winchester in action ... don't miss it.


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Wendy Peck

Mary O'Connell on sun 30 mar 03

Dear Clayarters,

The Fine Line Creative Arts Center in St. Charles, IL just hosted a =
demonstration workshop by Tony Winchester ( =
WOW!!!!! Very articulate, well organised, imaginative thrown and =
altered pieces, etc.......... Check out his website. I highly =
recommend him as a demonstrator, his work is very well thought out. =
Sandy Henderson, a fellow clayarter, saw an ad for this workshop and was =
able to attend. It was a pleasure meeting her and I was very happy she =
was able to attend thanks to this chat room. Thanks Mel for all your =
hard work here.


Mary O'Connell=20